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2013 Award Finalists and Winners

Best Long Short + Absolute Return Fund

PM Capital Absolute Performance Fund AUD

Australian Leaders Fund

LHC Capital Australia High Conviction Fund

Best Global Macro/futures fund

Whitehaven SPC Correlation Fund

GMO Systematic Global Macro Trust - Class B

MST Capital GLobal Fund

Best Fixed Income + Credit Fund

Laminar Credit Opportunities Fund

BlackRock Fixed Income GlobalAlpha Fund (USD)

Spectrum Wholesale Enhanced Income Fund

Best Market Neutral Fund

BlackRock Australian Equity Market Neutral

Aurora Fortitude Absolute Return Fund

Pengana Australian Market Neutral Fund

Best Multi Strategy Fund

Pine River Fund (USD)

BlackRock Multi Opportunity Fund

Perpetaul Growth Opportunities Fund

Best Emerging Manager

MST Capital

Quiris Capital

Whitecove Capital

Best Offshore Manager Operating In Australia

K2 Advisors



Best Investor Supporting Australian Managers


Contribution to the Australian Hedge Funds Industry

John Corr

Australian Hedge Fund of the Year

Laminar Credit Opportunities Fund

BlackRock Multi Opportunity Fund

Whitehaven SPC Correlation Fund

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