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The 2022 Australian Alternative
Investment Award Finalists


Contribution to the Industry: Nelson Lam

Best Emerging Manager

  • Fortlake Asset management

  • Opal Capital Management

  • Sage Capital - WINNER 

Best Long Short Equity Fund

  • Apis Global Long/Short Fund

  • Arcadian Wholesale Global Equity Long Short Fund

  • L1 Global Opportunities Fund   - WINNER

Best Market Neutral Fund 

  • Perpetual Pure Equity Alpha Fund

  • Regal Tasman Market Neutral Fund - WINNER

  • Totus Alpha Fund

Best Global Macro & Managed Futures Fund

  • Aspect Diversified Futures Fund - WINNER

  • CFM ISTrends Fund

  • CFM ISTrends Equity Capped Fund

Best Multi Strategy Fund

  • Lucerne Alternative Investment Fund - WINNER

  • NWQ Fiduciary Fund - Class A units

  • Perpetual Growth Opportunities Fund

Best Alternative Fixed Income & Credit Fund

  • Alexander Credit Opportunities Fund - WINNER

  • Perpetual Wholesale Dynamic Fixed Income Fund

  • T Rowe Price Dynamic Global Bond Fund

Best Private Debt Fund

  • Longreach Direct Lending Fund - Class A

  • Manning Monthly Income Fund

  • Metrics Credit Partners - MCP Real Estate Debt Fund - WINNER

Best Specialist ESG Fund 

  • Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund

  • Martin Currie Sustainable Equity Fund - Class A  - WINNER

  • OnePath Wholesale Sustainable investment Aust Share Trust

Best Global Manager Operating in Australia​

  • Franklin Templeton - WINNER

  • Janus Henderson Investors

Best Supportor of Australian Alternative Managers

  • Boutique Capital - WINNER

  • EY Australia

  • Longreach Alternatives

Best Listed Alternative Investment Product

  • Betashares Managed Risk Global Share Fund

  • L1 Long Short Fund  - WINNER

  • Regal Investment Fund

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