Judging & Submission Details

If you are an investment manager based in Australia or an offshore manager with an Australian presence offering an absolute return product to Australian investors in any of the award categories, please send your net monthly performance returns to Mercer Australia

(mercer.survey@mercer.com) for inclusion in the Awards database. 



Mercer is the data collection partner for the 2021 Australian Alternative Investment Awards - being presented at the 2021 Hedge Funds Rock event on 15th September, 2021


The award categories are:

 ** New Award Category Best Specialist ESG Fund **

Best Alternative Investment Manager of the Year

Best Alternative Fixed Income and Credit Fund

Best Emerging Manager

Best Global Macro/Futures Fund

Best Investor Supporting Australian Managers

Best Listed Alternative Investment Product

Best Long Short Equity Fund

Best Market Neutral Fund

Best Multi Strategy Fund

Best Offshore Manager Operating in Australia

Best Private Debt Manager

Contribution to the Australian Hedge Funds Industry Award


Please feel free to nominate any new funds and send through data as outlined below.

Data Provision Instructions


Data to 30 June must be provided by 30 July.


Please provide your data via email in the format as follows:


Email Address: Mercer.Surveys@Mercer.com

Email Subject: 2021 Australian Alternative Investment Awards Performance Data Submission – >Manager Name<


Preferred Data Provision Format:

  • Data to be provided in Excel; No PDF or Word files

  • Data provided in columns, with the name of the strategy at the top of each corresponding column, include fund code if applicable – APIR, ISIN in a secondary row

  • The monthly return to be in descending order in the first column, with end of June 2021 NAV being the first entry - with the month in the adjacent column to confirm the return data is in the correct order.

  • Please only provide Net Returns

  • At least 36 months of return data to be provided (unless new fund where we need a minimum of 12 months’ data)

  • Returns to be in percentage format, to at least two decimal places


Let me know if you have any queries on this process.


Thank you in advance


Lachie Hicks,

Senior Technical Product Analyst

+61 3 9623 5857| lachie.hicks@mercer.com